Maintenance Fees Club Caribe

Your maintenance fees are an essential part of ensuring that the resort facilities and accommodations you enjoy on vacation are as dazzling and elegant as the day you decided to purchase your membership. Club Caribe is committed to excellence and your maintenance fees go towards perfecting your vacation experiences and maintaining the standards of the beautiful properties that are yours to indulge in each year.

Keeping up to date with the payment of your maintenance fees is your way of supporting the essential task of taking care of your investment to guarantee the highest quality for your vacation experiences. As outlined in the Rules and Regulations and contract, timely payment of your maintenance assessments is the personal obligation of each member and is not dependent on your use of the property.

For that reason, ResortCom Members Services Department is available to assist you to ensure that you do not incur any penalties or interest due to late payments, or that you have to forfeit the right to use your membership in any given year. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or write.

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Understanding Your Bill

Operating Fund

This provides funds for the current year operations. The largest expenditure of operating funds is for the on-site management of the resort. In addition to property management, your operating funds provide for on-site activities and services, and off-site operations that include reservations, reservation systems, hardware and software technologies, maintenance billing, customer service, member communications, general and administrative expenses, legal and accounting fees.

Reserve Expenditures

Reserves provides for maintenance and improvements to the resort. This is what is spent at the resort to keep your units and the grounds in good condition. We are proud to announce that over the last few years there has been no increase in the maintenance fee assessment. Your resort managers continue to closely manage expenses.

It is also important to note that the maintenance fees continue to be comparable to other resorts within their respective regions.

Eagle’s Wings Foundation (optional donation)

Eagle’s Wings Foundation is a private charitable organization founded by the Villa Group and longtime club member Jim McCarthy. This organization seeks to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate in Mexico by providing monetary and organizational support to institutions such as orphanages, free medical clinics and school-building projects. Please see the Social Responsibility tab for more information. The Foundation appreciates your donations and continued support.

Medical/Air Evacuation Program (optional)

The On Call Travel program provides emergency air evacuation services from Mexico or any other foreign destination to the United States in case of catastrophic injury to either you or your family while on your vacation or exchange, and other very valuable medical travel services. You have the ability to earn a 10% discount by purchasing the insurance program at the time of your maintenance fee payment. Villa Preferred Access members receive the standard version of this program as part of your membership. Villa Preferred Access members may upgrade to the full program for only $15 additional at the time you pay your maintenance fee.

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Maintenance Assessment Billing and Collection Policy


You may now pay your annual maintenance fee assessment on a monthly basis. This option is only offered online at your member website. If you select this option, you will not get any additional monthly invoices (saving on paper and supporting our green movement). This option will be offered only with a monthly credit card auto charge, which will be billed monthly to your credit card of choice. A nominal monthly installment fee will be added.


You may choose to pay your maintenance assessments in four equal installments, due November 30th, February 28th, May 31st, and August 31st. There will be nominal installment and processing fee for those owners using this option.

In-full payment

You may always pay your entire maintenance assessment in one payment, via credit card (online or by phone) or by check, if so desired.

Members Pool

Delinquency and Late Charges

Assessments are delinquent if either the full payment or any of the monthly or quarterly four payments are not received by the stated due dates. Late charges and assessments will apply to all outstanding balances. This means that vacations may be used, confirmed or deposited, as long as members are current with their quarterly billing payments. If members are not using the Payment Billing Option, assessments must be paid in full before using, confirming or depositing their week.

On-line Payment

Provided as a convenience to its members, Villa del Palmar Cancun offers the ability to make all maintenance fee payments via the Internet, using online payment option. Simply click here to log in. Current registered users only need to enter their username and password. “First-time” users will need to register in order to access.

Maintenance Fee Calendar

Date Description
October 1-30 Maintenance assessment bill mailed to all members for the following year’s assessment.
November 1st VPA Vacation banking deadline.
November 30 Maintenance fee payments due. First Quarterly installment due for members utilizing the Quarterly payment option.
December 1 Unpaid maintenance fee assessments are delinquent and subject to late fees and penalties.
February 1 2nd Quarterly installment due for Members utilizing the quarterly payment option.
May 1 3rd Quarterly installment due for Members utilizing the quarterly payment option.
August 1 4th Quarterly installment due for Members utilizing the quarterly payment option.